Guidance for Critical (Red) Response Level for Manitoba Schools

The Pandemic Response System states that in a Critical (Red) response, schools are closed to students.  The exception will be Kindergarten to Grade 6 students and students with special needs who require supervision and are children of critical services workers (CSWs) who cannot make alternative care or working arrangements.  Supervision arrangements will be made for CSW students in the school.  Please note there is a strong possibility that students will not be with their homeroom teachers but with supervisors. They will also be participating in the remote learning.  It is important to note that during the pandemic and the restricted code red the goal of public health is to reduce the number of students in a school.  Remember, people move the virus.

School will not be operating in the regular capacity of programming.  All students will participate in the real-time instruction coordinated and scheduled by their in-class teachers.  Students will need access to the internet and technology.  If this is a concern, contact the school as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made.  The goal is to have all students successful with remote learning.  It is a process that we are all learning.